As we celebrate our 7th long player Sub Slayers Series 04: Bass mixed by Jay Cunning we asked our artists what moments stood out for them since the label started back in 2009. Next up we chat to Drum & Bass wonder kid Toronto Is Broken who signed to the label at just 18 years old.

Anodyne Industries – LH1013

Even though I’m great friends with Aaron, talk on a highly regular basis and share tunes all the time, I was super excited about the release of this release just as much as everyone is currently getting excited about the new Star Wars film. I was the one that pushed him to get it released on Sub Slayers as he wasn’t never sure if it was good enough to see release, but in my opinion its the best work he’s done. It pushed the boundaries of what you can do with dancefloor music, and is also great listen music. There’s so much emotion in this track which was written around the time of a close friend of his’ death. My favourite moment from the whole track has to be the second build up with the chanting ethnic vocals.

Wizard – Mind Control (Ft. Rebel MC, Tenor Fly & Daddy Freddy)

This one’s crazy. I was totally blown away with the pure aggression to this track and is a great one to open a 140 set with. It has a super long intro, but it serves a purpose, perfectly complementing drop. I was ecstatic when I was given the opportunity to remix this track and spent well over a month working on it, more than any other remix I’ve ever done to date, not because it was a difficult one to remix but I really wanted to not only take the tune to another level, but my production as a whole. I’ve one of my proudest productions to date.

Gella – Twinkle (Ft. MC Spyda) (Affinity Remix)

Written in 2010, I think this track was well ahead of it’s time in terms of style and production. There’s no messing about with this one and as soon as the heavy, pounding drums come in you know this track one serves one purpose- to send set the dance on fireeeee!

Serial Killaz – Dutty Sound

It’s always great to see highly respected artists known for one very specific style try their hand at something totally new. Serial Killaz releasing “Dutty” sound Sub Slayers is a prime example of this. They turned away from the jungle bangers they’re known for, and turned their hand to a very fresh and original sounding four to the floor carnival bass smasher. It’s always great fun to drop this one in the rave, and sends the place crazy. It’s always summer carnival season when you play this one out!

Jay Cunning & One Sinner – Bad Girls (High Rankin Remix)

Filth. This one is quite a old one, but still stands up to the power of many of today’s dubstep tracks being released, the classic OTT High Rankin bassline will never get old!

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