Our ‘Standing Tall’ feature is the start of a series of exclusive interviews we’ll be publishing on SubSlayers.com that focuses on where an artist is and where they are heading. What better person to kick this off with than one of our longest standing and most successful artists King Yoof!


– Before we get into the future for King Yoof fill us in on how you got to where you are now?

I was born and grown in South East London growing up on a healthy diet of Sound system & Rave culture. I’ve produced bass music in its many formats and under many guises which has now led me to my new and most exciting project to date.

– What does King Yoof mean to you today?

King Yoof is this mish mash of all the things I love and grew up on, Reggae / Dub / Jungle and all the mad off shoots of Bass music that sits in between. King Yoof is future Soundsystem music for forward thinking people.

– With Soundboy Love still being fresh in peoples ears what’s coming up for you production wise?

First off I have bunch of exclusive singles coming out on the next Sub Slayers Bass selection album already turning heads with support from Toddla T, Caspa and few select more. The main single is a collaboration tune with Rinse FM’s Uncle Dugs and The Ragga Twins called “Mi A Raver” which is a fun tune that anyone can relate to if you go out a partying every weekend. I’m also putting finishing touches to my live Dub album forthcoming on Moonshine records which has caught the attention of DJs such as Coki, Jamie Rodigan, Congo Natty etc and I have a long list of remixes coming out for Dub Pistols, Congo Natty, Caspa, Chopstick dubplate, Cheshire Cat and Mr Williamz.

– Give us typical day for the Yoof.

I’m in the studio 24/7 either working on my own projects, recording dubplates or producing for other bands. I share studios with Aries and Jacky Murda so there is always something going on.

– In recent times you’ve worked a lot more with vocalists, is this something you will continue to do?

I love working with vocalists and have built up a reputation for getting the best out of a vocalist. I create a vibe and let them feel comfortable. I’ve had everyone from Klashnakoff to Lady Leshuur, Daddy Freddy to Topcat and to be honest they get there best results at my studio. I have to thank Dave Pemberton and Jacky Murda for schooling me.

– A few years back you brought a live show to your Sonz of Mecha project, any plans for a King Yoof live show?

I have thought about it but live shows are hard work and expensive, The S.o.M shows took 6 months to put together and thousands was spent., maybe I might do more of a sound system vibe bringing vocalists on board but to be honest I’m enjoying turning up to shows and causing mayhem with my DJ sets.

som-live-1 som-live-2

– With DJ’ing being such an important part of the producers role in today’s scene how do you see this evolving for you?  What is your tech set up and do you see this changing with so many options out there?

It took me years to go from Vinyl/Dubplates to CD/Digital, my set up is two CDJ’s and a mic which I’m comfortable with, maybe the next step is to go to a laptop, the only thing I’m scared about is my shows get a bit mad and I have nightmares of laptops having drinks spilt over it ahahaha.

– Are there artists out there that you aspire to?  Who’s getting it right for you?

Gold Dubs, Aries, Max Powa, Dreadsquad, Danny T and Tradesman, Mr Williamz, Major Lazer, Lenkemz, Numa Crew, Adrian Sherwood, Mungos Hi-Fi, DJ Madd, Radikal, Guru.. too many to mention

– Outside of production and DJing what other areas of music are you involved in?

I like to A&R looking for new artists and also presenting the Sub Slayers drive time show on KoolLondon.com and I’ve just got into promoting running a new night called Temple of Boom which has been real exciting and very successful so far.

– Forward on 5 years, what will King Yoof be doing?

I hope people finally get what I’m doing and that I’m not an artist that’s stuck in one scene. The King Yoof sound made its mark for the 140bpm Jungle style but I’m making Reggae, Dub, Bass music and Jungle… as long as it relates to Soundsystem Culture then I’m into it.

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